A quarterly Holistic Wellness Box that provides clean beauty & Body, Mind, Soul Balance.

Infertility opened my eyes to all of the toxins in my environment, food and beauty products. I was overwhelmed, so I want to help others stay calm while discovering non-toxic beauty modifications. 

You cannot create a clean living lifestyle all at once, it is a process that takes time. That is why I created our Holistic Wellness Subscription Box to introduce women to more natural products over time without the stress and worry of figuring it all out on your own. Cosmetic companies & their labels are misleading & complex, let us bring you safe products from honest companies. 

Our Quarterly Wellness Box Includes:

- Natural & Organic Products 

- Hip Lifestyle Items 

- Self Care Items & Notes

- Holistic Women's Health Tips & Resources

A Holistic Wellness Box for all Women.  

A gift to yourself, friend, daughter, sister or mother. 

We want to empower all women alike. 

Our box is perfectly curated for...

-Women that want to reduce toxins from their beauty products.

-Women that are interested in learning more about holistic women's health concepts.

- Women that are on a fertility journey.

-Women looking for a body, mind, soul, balance in their lives. 

-Young girls that are gifted the opportunity to start off right with clean products, body literacy & self-love. 

- Our mamas that were taught to trust beauty & household product companies. They equally need clean products in their post menopause years, and may be the ones least likely to seek them out.

Receive this organic bag when  you order your first 

Wellness Box!

You can rest assured that all beauty products in our wellness box are made from transparent & conscious companies, all products are cruelty free, and free from "the dirty dozen" ingredients - which means absolutely no carcinogens or endocrine disruptors. 

Help us spread the word on the importance of holistic wellness, body & mind balance, and clean beauty!

Did you love our box, or love our concept of supporting women on their wellness journey?

You will receive $5.00 for each friend or client you send our way that purchases a wellness box!  

Our mission

I created Fertility Moxie to empower women to take control of their wellness & fertility. We encourage you to dig deeper into your products to ensure they are toxin-free. Discover the root causes for your discomforts or disease, know your body, and adopt self-care, self-love & balance to advocate for yourself along your wellness journey. 

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