Wellness is a positive approach to living – an approach that emphasizes the whole person. It is the integration of the body, mind, and spirit; and the appreciation that everything you do, think, feel, and believe has an impact on your state of health.


Anne Kinchen 

Anne is one of the first Ohio Medical Board licensed acupuncturists.  She also holds a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) Diplomate in both Chinese Herbology and Acupuncture.  She graduated in 1999 from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, California, with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Herbal Medicine.  Anne has received many hours of additional post-graduate training over the past 18 years for the treatment of women’s health issues, infertility, and oncology.  Contact Anne today for a fertility consultation.   

Christine Kaiser

Christine serves as the Clinical Manager of Acupuncture and Quality at University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network.  She is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist and integrates Chinese medicine into the UH Ahuja Fertility Center. As a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM), she is board certified in treating fertility issues with Chinese Medicine.   Her calling to become an Acupuncturist happened at an early age. As a young girl, Christine's father battled rheumatoid arthritis.  She witnessed first-hand the healing power of acupuncture and Chinese herbs as they eased her father's suffering.  Christine has a passion for women’s health.  She has put the focus of her work and studies on menstrual and fertility issues, pregnancy support, postpartum care and menopause.  She also enjoys treating musculoskeletal pain, stress, anxiety, digestion and autoimmune disease.  Christine also has advanced training in functional medicine and enjoys helping clients create and maintain healthy lifestyles.  Contact Christine for a fertility consultation today!

Fertility Counseling

Her Helping Habit

Created in 2018 in Alberta Canada with a mission to change lives, Founder Katelyn Paquin works on a holistic level with her clients to guide them on their journey to motherhood. She offers egg donor coordination, fertility consulting, and online, 1-1 therapeutic counselling for women battling with infertility, loss, or the effects of trauma.Her Helping Habit is the first agency of its kind in Canada, as it solely provides known-egg donation coordination and acts as a liaison between Intended Parents and health industry professionals. This comprehensive list of services and compassionate approach has led to numerous women benefiting from counselling services, dozens of Intended Parents who have been guided through the egg donor process resulting in successful pregnancies, and individuals who have received education or information on their fertility options.Katelyn Paquin is a member of the Alberta College of Social Workers and the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada and is a certified Yoga Instructor.

Fertility Guided Visualizations/Meditation

Circle Bloom

Circle+Bloom has many tailored guided meditation programs available for different fertility journeys couples go on.  From natural fertility, to IVF/IUI, FET or TTC with PCOS, and even miscarriage programs as well for helping with healing.  Our programs have helped many women over the years and our founder Joanne Verkuilen had her own infertility journey with her second child.

Fertility/Holistic Health Coaching

Margot Zapp

Margot's holistic fertility coaching program is one of a kind.  She offers personal support, guidance, expertise, and holds the space for you every step of the way during your fertility journey.  She teaches you everything you need to optimize your body for fertility and holds your hand during the process.  She teaches many techniques including self-care practices, gentle yoga, and acupressure points designed to enhance fertility and lower stress. In addition to being a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach, she is trained in numerous holistic health disciplines such as yoga, meditation, breath work, and energy balancing.  She has over 10 years experience teaching yoga and over 5 years working with private coaching clients.  She is also a Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine.  Margot is passionate about empowering women to take charge of their health. 

Emily Capuria 

Emily is a LISW-S, CHHC , author of Happiness Happens, creator of the Laugh More, Live Louder course, the founder of Balance & Thrive, and a mom. Through her personal journey with unexplained infertility, Emily learned about the importance of a truly holistic approach to health, happiness and achieving your dreams.  She now pairs mindset and action strategies with an integrated approach to offer people a unique path to fulfilling their dreams. 

Fertility Testing


Proov progesterone test strips empower women to know more about their cycles. Current at home tests measure first half cycle hormones that are predictive of ovulation. Proov tests enable a more complete picture by measuring progesterone, a hormone critical to conception and pregnancy and the ONLY hormone that confirms ovulation. Don’t just predict ovulation. Proov it! 


ReceptivaDx is a first of its kind test for the detection of inflammation of the uterine lining most commonly associated with endometriosis, a leading cause of infertility and implantation failure.ReceptivaDx measures BCL6, an inflammatory marker not normally present during the windowof implantation. Women who test positive and are appropriately treated can expect a 60% chanceof achieving pregnancy in their next transfer attempt versus an 11% chance of achievingpregnancy with no treatment. A negative result offers reassurance that the uterine lining is notlikely a factor in the patient’s infertility. Visit our website to learn more about this test. 

Fertility Tracking


The Ava Fertility Tracker is for women who want to monitor their health for trying to conceive or getting to know their bodies.  Ava is a completely unprecedented method of tracking a woman’s cycle.  While you’re sleeping, Ava tracks 5 physiological signals of fertility.  Ava’s algorithm uses this data to detect your 5 most fertile days in real timeFertility tracking methods that rely on only a single parameter, such as the date of your period or your temperature, cannot accurately detect the entire fertile window.  By tracking 5 physiological signals of fertility, Ava detects the very first signs that the fertile window is beginning, and confirms when it ends.  Just wear Ava at night—the magic happens while you’re sleeping.

Functional Medicine Nutrition 

Christina Blakenburg

Tina received a master’s degree in Functional Medicine Nutrition and specializes in hormones, fertility, mental health and gut health (they are all connected! ) She offers workshops on fertility, works one-on-one creating personalized protocols, and provides access to functional lab tests such as the DUTCH test, which has gained recognition as the top hormone test on the market. Her practice is built on the combination of the latest nutrition and lifestyle science as well as long standing traditional techniques. Each woman has a unique fertility journey making Tina's personalized services convenient and effective. When working together you can expect an empathetic and supportive partner as you explore factors such as diet, genetics, circadian rhythms, supplementation, movement, mindfulness, stress, hydration and relationships.

Brooke Boskovich

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a functional & integrative practitioner, the founder of Brooke Boskovich Nutrition and the creator of the Fertility Foundations Program. Brooke obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Linfield College and went on to complete a Master of Science degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Framingham State University. She completed her dietetic internship in the greater Boston area before moving back to the PNW. Brooke has additional training in integrative & functional medicine through Dr. Aviva Romm, The Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy, the Women’s Health Nutrition Academy and more. The Fertility Foundations program is individualized to each couples fertility journey, meeting them where they are & working with their bodies to optimize fertility. She takes a deeper look at hormone balance, digestive wellness, and nutrient status, to support overall health & redirect the bodies focus to reproductive function. This integrative program includes 5 pillars; nutrition, exercise & movement, sleep, stress and environment. Brooke is passionate about women’s health & fertility and has helped dozens of women with irregular cycles, PCOS, unexplained infertility, endometriosis & other fertility struggles, regulate their cycles and conceive naturally. Best in Health, Brooke Brooke Boskovich, MS, RD, LDN Brooke Boskovich Nutrition, LLC Nourish. Heal. Thrive 

Prenatal and Postnatal Supplements


Premama exists to build healthy families with the highest quality supplements at approachable prices. Our progressive and holistic solutions guide, support and educate with honesty and purpose.  Our 4 stage system (Cleanse/Conceive/Carry/Care) takes a holistic approach to maternity wellness and helps transform women into mothers. 

Support & Empowerment

Fertility Moxie

Fertility Moxie Support group meets on the fourth Wednesday of every monthat the Womb Wellness Center  
from 6- 8PM
at 6200 SOM Center RoadA-24
Solon, Ohio 44139
 Connect with other women in a calm, comforting, space.  Find professional resources that may help you along the way. 

Practice self-care and coping skills. 

Gain reassurance & confidence. 

Support for Body, Mind & Soul.


Organic Conceptions

Marc Sherman founded Organic Conceptions after a 20-year career in corporate America. Theidea came after he and his wife Erin struggled with infertility, decided to adopt and thenunexpectedly found themselves pregnant.  Realizing that this phenomenon actually occursregularly, they decided to conduct research to better understand the emotional andpsychological journey that couples experience when struggling to conceive.  They partnered withPh.D. Kate Webster and conducted a multi-year study that uncovered 9 key emotionaltransitions that couples experience. The research has been turned into an online cognitivebased program for women and couples. The program is used by Doctors and Caretakersaround the world empowering providers to address the physical and emotional needs of theirclients.  Now a father of 3 children, Maxwell (14), Emerson (8) and Kennedy (5), Marc dedicateshimself to Organic Conceptions and helping couples to optimize their emotional health and well-being for conception.